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We at Verico Nova are familiar with the challenges that Self Employed individuals have traditionally faced when qualifying for mortgage financing. We know that the entrepreneurs of Canada often lack the traditional income verification that regular employees are able to provide.

We understand the unique needs of those with fluctuating income and we have solutions.

As almost 20% of Canadians know, being in business for yourself is not easy. And being newly Self Employed can be even harder. Our preferred lenders offer a wide variety of excellent mortgage options depending on the length of Self Employment, credit history and down payment.


We consider your capability of repayment based on past credit history and look beyond your net income, knowing very well that it may not be entirely reflective of your personal earnings.

Let our Verico Nova Brokers help you find the best mortgage that fits your individual needs so that you can get back to what you do best, running your own business.

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Mike Lukonin January 8, 2020

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