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Did you know that Mortgage Lenders count on 70% of their clients to renew their mortgage by simply signing their renewal offer upon maturity of their mortgages? Lenders are countingon the fact that most home owners are too busy to ask questions or to inquire about getting a better rate. Many of these renewal offers are at higher posted rates than what is available with the current market.

Do not be part of this statistic and contact Verico Nova first!

Over the term of your mortgage, you have paid down the principal and chances are your home has increased in value. This increases your equity and lowers the risk for the lenders. Because of this, you should be getting the best rates available to you.

We as your Mortgage Broker are here to do the research for you. We want to make sure you have the best rate and product that fits your current lifestyle. We work with some Mortgage Lenders that can hold a rate for you up to 6 months prior to your maturity date. Many lenders offer no fee switches, which saves the client closing costs with a better rate!

When your mortgage comes up for renewal don’t let convenience and lack of information be the reason you end up with a mortgage that does not meet your current needs. Let us know your renewal date and put us to work!


May 20th, 2024

TermNova Posted
VRM6.25Prime 7.20
1 year6.047.49
2 year5.846.74
3 year5.846.49
4 year5.346.29
5 year5.345.94
7 year5.996.60


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