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Rental or Vacation Properties


Rental income properties can be excellent investments and an alternative way to earn a healthy income. However, when it comes to financing an investment property, they can be quite complex as lenders look at rental properties differently than owner occupied residences. Depending on whether your mortgage is to be conventional or high ratio, lenders will calculate your affordability differently either by using a rental add-back or a rental offset, while some lenders will allow for a certain debt service coverage ratio. Lenders also have different rules when it comes to sources and the amount of your down payment.

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If you are considering purchasing an investment property, or possibly a home with a rental suite to help pay off the mortgage, you need to know your best options. Verico Nova Brokers are well informed on all rule changes within the industry and will help guide you through the process.


October 4th, 2022

TermNova Posted
VRM4.95Prime 5.45
1 year5.195.19
2 year4.945.14
3 year5.045.34
4 year5.045.79
5 year4.59
7 year5.746.30


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